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    Battery Light On

    I got my charging system tested at sears auto center and the test said something like "voltage drop"... What could that mean? I'm hoping it's not my alternator, my battery is new also...
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    lower radiator hose

    i need to replace my hoses, to change the lower hose do i have to remove my bumper? which is the easiest way. the car is a 91 civic sedan..
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    d16z6 into 91 civic sedan

    What is everything that I would need, like what kind of tranny, ecu.. My car is an LX automatic trans. I was hoping to use my original tranny and ecu if I could but I'm not sure.. Thanks
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    where can i find the older topics??

    where can i find the older topics?? I know I read about d16z6 swap into a 91 civic but I can't find it.. I tried search but had no luck.. I'm sure it was on this forum too.
  5. Try your Search on Google