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  1. J

    Civic Swap

    swap in a h22 turbo, youll be fast in the 1/4 mile but will have shit for handling and iv'e seen a Z06 get beat by a Civic B)
  2. J

    F22 Sohc V-TEC Swap Into A 93 Civic HB

    I say swap in an SR20DET you get get one for about 1500
  3. J

    Getting More Hp

    The mini-me swap is going to be my first real experience with a swap im going to try it and see how it works out. I eventually want to do a b18 swap, but i have other things to spend my money on like my trip to Europe this summer. So im going budget for now.
  4. J

    Dual Exhaust?

    Get a magnaflow they sound great and are good quality!
  5. J


    Need help with a mini-me swap, a y8 head on a y7 block. What parts do i need besides the y8 head, ecu and timing belt? Do i need a new intake manifold, fuel rail and headers?
  6. J

    Getting More Hp

    I think im going to do the mini-me, thnaks for all your help.
  7. J

    Getting More Hp do I wire my car for vtec with the y8 head?
  8. J

    Wiring For Vtec

    I have a 98 CX HB and im putting a Y8 head on it, how do I wire my ecu for vtec?
  9. J

    Getting More Hp

    Can anyone give me more info on the mini-me swap?
  10. J

    Getting More Hp

    Is there any good way to add hp without SC or turbo? maybe up the compression and add a new cam, i want something reliable and i only want to spend around $1500
  11. J

    Getting More Hp

    I have a 98 cx HB I dont want lots of hp just around 150, enough to get me going, i'm more interested in handling
  12. J

    Getting More Hp

    I want to squeeze 150hp out of my d16y7 what do i need to do? I already have coldair intake, exhaust and headers.
  13. J


    I want to up the compression on my d16y7 to 10.5:1, when i change my pistons do i need new connecting rods? Also is it even worth spending the money to up the compression and add a high performance cam?
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