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Need help with a mini-me swap, a y8 head on a y7 block.

What parts do i need besides the y8 head, ecu and timing belt?

Do i need a new intake manifold, fuel rail and headers?

D See 2

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i know that the y7 manifold is shitty and uses the "black box" right ontop the throttle body. get the y8 manifold if at all possible. your stock exhaust manifold or header will work fine. and the flow rate of the injectors are the same.


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Yeah get the y8 manifold and the throttle body aswell...you can use the throttle body you have and it can be done but the plenums are diff and the y8 throttle body is alot better..The injectors will all swap over aswell...It is an easy swap and you should have good luck with it..