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  1. 91hondacivcdx_man

    v6 vtec in my 91 hb

    This is going to seem like a stupid question but i gotta know if i can fit a v6 in my car i know with a v6 camaro you can swap from a v6 to a v8 so i was wonderin if the same is true the opposite way from 4cylinder to a v6 can anyone help with this
  2. 91hondacivcdx_man

    Car overheats, dies, No Spark

    before u buy a new distributor why don't you try and replace your ignition control module usually that will go before your distributor does check that first about 60-70 dollars at local parts store if you still have no luck than change out your distributor.
  3. 91hondacivcdx_man

    in search of new exhaust

    heres what i did i got 2.5 exhaust from header back to high flow magnaflow cat and 2.5 pipe to a series 40 flowmaster and it has a real deep tone instead of the higher pitched sound , but good news is when i decide to put in a differnt motor to turbo it , they said it would sound like a v8...
  4. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    well it turns out that i had two different problems . first it was my fuel pressure regulator i replaced it and it stopped squirting fuel outta my throttle body . and the second thing was while i was trying to get my car to run i threw my timing belt off it jumped about 3or 4 teeth , so i...
  5. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    i havent got into it yet i will look tomorrow let ya know i think its the one that came with the car . would it make my fuel shoot through the top of my round bowl on the top of my throttle body ? i also asked a friend of mine who works mostly on semis he said that it could be that my timing...
  6. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    i hope thats it . i know when i first bought the car i ran injector cleaner through it and i have had to replace the fuel filter a few times since . i know now its not having a problem gettin fuel so i'll try that and post soon thanks very much
  7. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    would a bad comp make my fuel spray more than needed ??
  8. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    i know i've had this thread for a while now but i'm now having another problem got the wiring prob fixed now the car will start momentarally then the throttle body fills with fuel and the car dies really quick too . If anyone can help me on this thread please respond. i'm thinking it might be...
  9. 91hondacivcdx_man

    1989 crx si b18 engine swap. wiring problems.. help!!

    try replacing your sparkplug wires maybe that will help hopefully it will be that simple
  10. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    i will get pics up hopefully tomorrow and hopefully it helps . no I didn't disconnect the wires they were broken and i put them back to the wires that they broke from . so thanks i will show all you guys a pick of the wire i have left and maybe you all can help thanks again
  11. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    there aren't any codes that pop up . I found a couple of wires that had come disconnected and now it turns over but won't start i made sure i put the wires back where they went and now i have one grey wire that i don't know where it goes i 've looked in the haynes manual and still cant find that...
  12. 91hondacivcdx_man

    No Spark???

    why don't you try the ignition control module that could make it turn over but no pick up and start u got 1.5 liter right
  13. 91hondacivcdx_man

    heater control help

    go to your local parts store they have a haynes manual and buy it , its only $20. or so,it will help u alot with the diagrams on where the wires go. If u still have no luck u can email me at and i'll up load the diagram for u .
  14. 91hondacivcdx_man

    problem with my d15 b1 motor

    i'm having a problem with my d15 b1 motor. every time the car starts to warm up the car dies. then i let it cool and it will start again i have replaced the pcv valve also did a tune up and it didn't start doin this till i replaced my heater core a couple of days ago . can any one help me...
  15. 91hondacivcdx_man

    CA 88-91 Dx to Mpfi conversion harness

    hey mono which harness do i need when im doin the b26z6 swap in my 91 hb i see u have two different options could u help me bro i have the dpi now
  16. 91hondacivcdx_man

    d16a1 trade or sale

    will u meet half way to utah ??? I'm willin to buy does it run ? does it come with ecu ?? let me know at ;
  17. 91hondacivcdx_man

    FS: D16z6

    does it come with the ecu ??
  18. 91hondacivcdx_man

    bullshit ticket.

    their just tryin to get ur money bro keep fightin u ll prevail !!
  19. 91hondacivcdx_man

    2008 Crash Thread. Crashed? Post it here!

    this happened this summer i was driving home from the diner with wife and the kids in my 78 camaro just mindin my own , enjoying the nice weather.:D when i stopped a red light and a pathfinder rear ended me busting the brand new tail light and denting in my bumper really good .:rant: but the...
  20. 91hondacivcdx_man

    available swaps for my 91 civic hatch back

    which motor will i be able to get the most bang for my buck, the z6or the b18 ?? i mean as i mentioned earlier in this thread i used to drive a chevy camaro with a 454 and 500hp 475 fpt so i would like to build my hb to strong and able to turbo or charge , maybe even pull like 12s or 13s in...
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