v6 vtec in my 91 hb

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for the love of hondas
This is going to seem like a stupid question but i gotta know if i can fit a v6 in my car i know with a v6 camaro you can swap from a v6 to a v8 so i was wonderin if the same is true the opposite way from 4cylinder to a v6 can anyone help with this


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hope you have a big bank account and a shit ton of fab experience. i've never seen it done in an ed/ef chassis. now hasport offers a kit for the j-series swap in an eg/dc chassis.. i've seen a few pics and a vid of one in an eg, but not in a dc yet.

Hasport Performance Online Store


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well in that video that show the car weighs about 160lbs more than factory. wouldnt a H2B add about same weight over the lil D15? I dont see how it would be any different bc of the weight of the motor. sure they probably removed ac and ps if the car had it but still.

also thats the J35, a J32 would be lighter


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Not really recommended because of the weight of the motor. Its more of a wow factor. & even at that not too many people really aint that impressed.


A 4 banger with 250-300hp+ is more impressive to me than a 6 popper in anything.

Why add more weight when you could use that money to get more power?