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    f/s 1990 civic si hatchback

    im selling a white 1990 civic Si with a jdm b16 motor, the motor has about 60k cause i bought the car off a friend and it had about 56k or so, with a s1 tranny, the tranny is bad, will need a new tranny, 3rd wont go in only sometimes, the rest of the gears are fine, interrior is in good...
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    help taking off...

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    anyone? i need to know asap! blown shocks on my car! help would be very much appreciated
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    hi i just got a EF (90 civic hatch si) and it has skunk2 coilovers, but the shocks is busted, i was wondering does a 90-93 integra tokico shocks fit for the car? cause my friend have some laying around, thanks
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    lsvtec question!?

    aite i have a LS motor, that im thinking about doing a LS/vtec on, im just planning on putting new oem, bearings rings, with b16pistons, and get a b16 head slapped on, what else do i need? and how much would the cost be? thanks
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    would the b18a1 head be able to handle the high compression of the b16 tho?
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    my B16 won't start

    ok im with lowbudget, the deal is theres power going inside the distrubuter but none coming out, can that be the distrubuter or the wire harness, we tried changing everything from distrubutor except cap, thanks fellas
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    axle boot?

    i heard the boot can easily be fixed by a boot repair kit? im talking about the plasitc part at the end of the axle? its going to be expensive? and hard to replace?
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    axle boot?

    aite, i just recently bought a 94-00 integra axle, one of them has a torn boot, but i heard you can simply replace, where do i go to replace them? and how much am i looking at, thanks
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    so the 90-91 integra jdm xsi wont fit?
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    hi, i was wondering would a 1990-1991 jdm integra xsi shift linkage fit for my 1991 civic coupe, im droppin in a lsvtec from a 95 civic coupe,if not would it fit for a 95 civic hatch, which is getting a b16 swap, and was also wondering would a clutch set, from a hydraulic tranny fit for a cable...
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    What Would U Guys Do

    what would you guys do with a 95hatch CX with 800 bucks? performance wise
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    Gsr Brakes + 95 Hatch

    gsr rear and front brakes for 95 hatchback? does it bolt right up or is there some modification i must do
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    Dents And Dings

    umm what is rubber mallets?
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    Swaping And Insurance

    How many got screwed over for not telling the insurance comapany? i hear many people swap without telling them so.... plus how much will it boost if i do tell? because shit, parents be pretty damn upset if it raises
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    Swaping And Insurance

    do we get a new vin number after we swap? or they use the old one =X, and also, DO u have to get it inspectedand smogged after swap?
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    not struts.... strut tower bars.... and tie bars was what i ment =X
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    nah, ur right, i wouldnt want the product to break on me, just wondering which aftermarket struts and braces are cheap and good, thx for the replies
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    Do Tenzo R products fall into the crappy section too?
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