What Would U Guys Do

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Junior Member
what would you guys do with a 95hatch CX with 800 bucks? performance wise
Either try to find a D16Z6 or work the suspension.Other than that,IMO,it isn't worth doing anything to that engine.I guess you could do a mini me also.
You could get a B18b for about that much but you will probobly have to scrounge up some bucks for the swappin of the engine.
if you want to autocross, do the suspension... there was a kid near me with an untouchable CX, won every race he was in, stripped interior, rota slipstreams, and suspension, he now has a B18B in it, and is even faster :rolleyes: :D
save up 200 bucks and get some teins...or just get some koni's and ground controls... do your suspension first. if you get the koni's then you will probably have enough dough left over to get an AEM cold air intake.