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    b18 to b20 swap

    i have a b18, and im upgrading to a b20z longblock, i was wondering if the b20 longblock bolts right in or i need anything special. im keeping everything like LS tranny, manifold, obd1 harness.. the b20 should replace the b18 with no other adjustments?
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    b series longblocks for cheap

    BAR is the bureau auto repair or some shot, Smog ref, to get your motor legally registered to have in ur car, like if you have a obd1 motor, you need everything obd1. but i dont know if the intake manifold and tranny is a problem
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    b series longblocks for cheap

    oh yea and run obd1
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    b series longblocks for cheap

    i have a 93 si, with 96 LS tranny/intake manifold/95 obd1 LS ECU, and a dead b18a1 motor, i was thinking about having my car BAR'd but then i wouldnt be able to use a 96-up block, if i get a 94-95 and use my 96 parts will that pass BAR? if i cannot pass BAR, i am just going with the 96-up LS block
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    b series longblocks for cheap

    my b18a just died on me, anybody know where i can get b18b1 (94-up) longblocks for a good price? i am in the northern cali area. if there are any places close by please let me know..
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    JDM 94 b18b into my EG Hatchback

    the civic harness plugs right in except for you would need to extend the O2 sensor plug, because the b series headers have the o2 sensor near the catylac converter.
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    motor swaps arent hard to do as long as you have all the parts, proper tools and a picker, its a fun process. If you can take it out, you can put it back in..
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    Fuel smell in oil - need help

    i just did a b18a1 swap in my 93 si hatch, the engine is pretty old its a 93, im not sure how much miles exactly on the motor. when i first put it in, it seem to be running good and strong, after about a month it just lags and now its lagging bad and puffin out smoke. i was wondering if i...
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    Fuel smell in oil - need help

    First i would like to say i puff smoke out after 5G rpm, proly due to valve stem seals, or something in that nature. Everytime i change my oil, i lose bout 2 quarts, and i change it like 500miles. I get like a fuel smell in my oil. anyone know what is the cause of this?
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