Fuel smell in oil - need help

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First i would like to say i puff smoke out after 5G rpm, proly due to valve stem seals, or something in that nature. Everytime i change my oil, i lose bout 2 quarts, and i change it like 500miles. I get like a fuel smell in my oil. anyone know what is the cause of this?
well the gas smell is normal, happens in all cars, that is what makes your oil turn black. What happens is alittle bit of gas seaps through your piston rings and down into the oil. the only way to stop this is to convert your car to natural gas. You said you lose about 2 quarts of oil every 500 miles? do you do your own oil changes and are you using a lift. When you lift it, can you see any oil leaks or oil build up on the bottom? If not then you are burning all of it. Sallution is to change your rings or just get an engine swap. Swap is the more costly apporach but you start with a much better engine that will not burn as much/any oil
puffing smoke sure isn't the valve stem seals... sounds like a cylinder wall problem to me.. maybe its the rings... thats the most logical reason for your oil to smell like gas and for you to blow smoke...
i just did a b18a1 swap in my 93 si hatch, the engine is pretty old its a 93, im not sure how much miles exactly on the motor. when i first put it in, it seem to be running good and strong, after about a month it just lags and now its lagging bad and puffin out smoke. i was wondering if i should save up for a newer b18b1 motor or fix the rings if it doesnt cost as much as a new motor.