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    Ecu Question

    ok i have the l otor in my dx bla bla anyways i threw in a ls ecu but i wasnt sure if it was standard or not the caruns fine but revs up a little quick if u ask me i was just wondering if i could be a automatic ecu causing it or if is just me im not even sure if a car would run if it had a aut...
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    whats a 99 ls motor redline at? i heard 6800but im not sure? and is it true a ls motor is like 147hp stock?
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    Help With Mini-me Swap

    ill gve u my motor just get it out of my shed please!!
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    i currently just did a 99 ls motor swap into my 93 dx coupe i kept the dx radiator cause i didnt have a ls one will this work or should i get the dual core one? ihn the future i am planning on buying a aftermarket radiator but just wondering if it will work till then
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    thanks man ya i totally forgot about the clutch if im goin to do nitrous what clutch do u recommend me buy??
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    Civic motors 92-95

    really my buddy i work with had a cx hatch and he threw a gsr in it but i think the wiring harness didnt come ready for vtech
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    hey guys i just bought my 99 LS motor with 44k on it and i wanna swap it into my 93 civic dx i know while the motor is out its easy to get to things like the timing belt and water pump and stuff but with the motor only having 44k miles should i even bother? i was just thinking of changing cap...
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