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i currently just did a 99 ls motor swap into my 93 dx coupe i kept the dx radiator cause i didnt have a ls one will this work or should i get the dual core one? ihn the future i am planning on buying a aftermarket radiator but just wondering if it will work till then
depending on how long "in the future" is, id say you will be fine with the radiator that you have... as long as you dont drive too hard or get stuck in traffic.... just keep an eye on your temp guage
A good OEM replacement is the del Sol VTEC radiator- it's the same cooling capacity as the Integra radiator, but it's a dual core setup instead of the single of the stock Civic, or the single but double-wide of the Integra. It bolts right up without modifying any brackets or mounts under your hood, and it's cheaper than getting a Fluidyne or something like that.