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hey guys i just bought my 99 LS motor with 44k on it and i wanna swap it into my 93 civic dx i know while the motor is out its easy to get to things like the timing belt and water pump and stuff but with the motor only having 44k miles should i even bother? i was just thinking of changing cap and rotor,spark plugs,spark plug wires, and ofcourse the oild and antifreeze, im goin to run a 55 shot of nitrous with the motor with simple bolt ons such as cai and a apex n1 exausht anyone suggest me change anything before the motor goes in im new to theese motor swaps so sorry if its a stupid question asking
I recently did an almost identical swap. I would highly recommend doing the clutch at this point, maybe the water pump, definetly the timing belt. I would also do a basic tune up to make sure the engine is running perfect. You will also need to run a wire from the distributor to the tach so your tach works. Other than that- its a simple swap
Originally posted by projecthonda@Jan 4 2003, 06:05 PM
thanks man ya i totally forgot about the clutch if im goin to do nitrous what clutch do u recommend me buy??

I have driven a car with the CM stage 3, and i liked it. Not really heavy pedal feel, and it should hold the power you plan on making.