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  1. George777

    The Prophecy is upon us !

    One of the saving graces when my son was born was a breast pump. His mother couldn't produce enough milk, so she would pump between feedings and it helped a ton. They can be pricey, but well worth the investment. Congrats to you and Beka. I'd like to see the little squirt when he/she arrives.
  2. George777

    What's your laptop?

    I've been using my Asus Q550L and I'm pretty content with it. I mostly use it for my DJ software, so I haven't really ventured out on what the computer is capable of. I'm not a PC gamer, so other than basic internet browsing and occasional downloading, it suits my needs just fine.
  3. George777

    Kiss my ARS

    Not to bring back an old post, but look into SmartDrive if you want to see what/where things are happening. We run them in all of our trucks. Gives GPS tracking, speed, location, etc. Even gives front and rear camera shots of everything that is recorded. All the data is downloaded to a...
  4. George777

    The Prophecy is upon us !

    Congrats to you, man.
  5. George777

    Nikon D3200

    Anyone have any experience with this camera? I wouldn't even classify myself as a novice photographer. Most of my photography has been from a very, very cheap digital camera or a cell phone camera. Looking to get into something a little more structured, and I have the opportunity to purchase...
  6. George777

    anybody have an htc device with sense?

    I upgraded on my EVO 3D as well, and I don't have any complaints as of yet. Took me a couple days to get used to some of the changes, but I haven't had any issues.
  7. George777

    now, look at MY car thread.

    Kudos on the purchase. My roommate has one, and it's been a stable little car.
  8. George777

    Wanted: EW wire harness

    Can't send you a PM since you're a Greenhorn, but shoot me an email with a price plus shipping to 89434... TIA
  9. George777

    Wanted: EW wire harness

    Update: He put an 87 SI motor into an 85 body. He needs the wire harness for the SI motor, possibly the ECU as well.
  10. George777

    Wanted: EW wire harness

    Been searching around, and I've seen a bunch of stuff for swaps, but not an OEM harness for sale. If someone has an 84-87 wire harness for a CRX, or can point me in the direction of where to find one, I'd appreciate it. Friend of a friend bought one for his son. They replaced the motor from...
  11. George777

    Google TV

    Doesn't seem to be many reviews on it, at least from what I've seen. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Edit: Updated reviews is what I meant. I've found reviews from earlier this year, and late 2010, but nothing conclusive to say Yay or Nay on it from the recent past.
  12. George777

    Google TV

    Anyone have it? Know anyone that has it? Trying to decide what I want to do as for cable and internet, and I remember seeing this a while ago. Just wondering if it's worth the money for the components needed, if it is actually a decent setup, and if it has any advantages over regular...
  13. George777

    Looking For Magnets

    Rare earth magnets are strong and hold on to ANYTHING. They will easily do their job, but I don't know if they sell them in strips the size you are looking for. They also aren't cheap for what it is.
  14. George777

    Guess my money isn't good. B was right!

    Almost seems to me that he doesn't want an educated person to buy the bike because he would have to reveal the possibility that it has been down or isn't as perfect as he claims it is. My .02.
  15. George777

    b20 in a ef sedan

    A year later, I don't think the guy cares anymore...
  16. George777

    Need a 'Yota motor...

    Story I heard was the head gasket was going bad and it just blew. Not sure of all the details... if I had 300k miles on me, I'm sure i'd blow something, too.
  17. George777

    Need a 'Yota motor...

    Are there any sites like hmotors or torontojdm that carry the 22RE for a 4-Runner? I looked around, but couldn't find anything other than smaller shops that specialize in rebuilds. Some place reputable... Guy I know put a hole in the side of his block and would rather get a used motor like...
  18. George777

    pneumatic can crusher

    California has can redemption places around, too. Can't remember if they have a .05 deposit on them, but I know us Nevada people crush our cans, bag them, and sell them to people who can return the aluminum to Cali.
  19. George777

    Cop video of the day

    Not ALL of the offspring are THAT bad......
  20. George777

    Work, What do you do?

    I work for an armored car company. Fix/fill ATM's, service banks, etc. Bartender on the side.
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