1/4 Mile Time For B18c1 In 93 Si Hb?

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any ideas on a stock b18c1 in a 93 si? keep in mind that the si is the heaviest of the bunch. i'm guessing hi 14's to low 15's??


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if you run a 15 anything with that setup you should be shot. normal mods i/h/e i have seen them at 14.2-14.4. my buddy ran 15.1 i/h/e with the sohc vtec in his si hb.


I'm just about that action Boss.
A guy at my school with intake and exhaust and a gutted vx with b18c1 ran 13.9 consistently on steelies. You could probably get near 14.2-14.5 if you are a good driver but who knows?
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