1991 Honda CRX_HF/ B18A1 swap.

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Up for sale is a 1991 HONDA CRX HF. It's currently my daily driver, and I'm not in a hurry to sell it. Reason for selling is that I have another Honda, which is for sale in a different tread. and I've decided to sell one of the two. and keep the one I don't sell.

Modifications and new parts:

Has a 1991 Acura Integra LS complete engine swap ( B18A1 Stock 113,xxx).
Rywire OBD to OBD1 conversion harness, OBD1 PR4 ECU and distributor.
EXEDy street clutch.
new left and right CV Axles.
New timing belt, timing belt tensioner, and water pump.
DC sports 4-2-1 header to a thermal R&D full cat-back exhaust.
B&M fuel gage. B&M fuel pressure regulator. Walboro 255lph fuel pump.
Has a expensive fiber images JDM style carbon fiber hood.
The car is lowered with Intrax springs about inch and a half.
Nos WeT kit, running a safe 60 shot only sprayed twice.

Now the bad: It has no freaking heat which sux some times. specially in this crazy Fla weather. The previous owner took the heater core, and climate controls. Some of the interior panels are missing, steering wheel cover. that's about it, no other known problems.

The car has about 176,xxx miles on the chassis. It's fun to drive, drives straight, no funny noises. I've driven the car from Tallahassee to Orlando, and back without any issues. It gets 31MPG HWY and 28 CITY. The car has a lot of my Junk inside the car, like tools and some ramdon Honda parts in it. That will be out of there when I sell the car. Like stated above it's my daily driver

Asking price $2,000.00 or best offer. Add $300.00 for the nitrous kit. Give me a call at 850-627-7950 from 9:30am to 10:30pm. Ask for Jose, Or PM. I'm located in Quincy, Fl 32351.








If it had heat I would be all over this, but I've done an NJ winter without heat once and no thanks on a repeat. Very nice CRX non the less. Good luck.
Nice CRX

Do you know where to buy a fiber images hood like that? I dont think fiber images are around anymore.
They were on a 93 Toyota tercel, my dad bought the car since 2002. I knew they were 4x100, So I got them. they're 13's^_^
since i cant get the car because of my 83 build, you should sell those 13s cheap lol,and if im ever with in 80 miles your the first person im looking up taco :cool:
i wish this car was up for sale in a month or two i would by it tomorrow but i'm in arkansas until end of april