1994 Civic Cx w/ Swap - Central NJ

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i never thought the day would come but i think its time to let go of my baby. This civic is the best of all worlds, real quick and real reliable. it has been used as my daily for over 3 years. it has taken me to south carolina and back plenty of times. All of the wiring was done by myself and my father (master tech/electrician) this car will accept any b/d series motor with not a single problem in wiring (not that you need one). car does not smoke, does not overheat, does not pop out of gear, does not grind any gears, exterior is clean but could use a little rust repair on the quarters, its just bubbling up nothing to serious yet, and i got into an accident a year ago so the front end is all brand new, but primer. the car is def a head turner and with the owner who is willing to add the little more that i can no longer off to the canvas that i have laid out for them, this car would easily be show ready. my loss is most definitely your gain. i am looking to get $3500
Vehicle VIN:


b16a2 straight from engine depot with papers
GSR cams
Competion clutch stage 4, 6-puck sprung
OBX Helical LSD
hytech style headers, with 2.5 inch piping going all the way back to an n1 style muffler
chipped p28

Anodized Red Rota Slipstreams
carbon Fiber Duckbill wing
yellow fog lights
8k HID's

complete interior
Autometer C2 Tachometer
sony xplod head unit with ipod hookup, aux, cd player, and tuner (obv.)
polk audio speakers
civic front seats (no tears), integra rear seats
Power locks and Windows (thats right, in a cx)

not to sure on the alarm system brand but it comes with a 2 way pager and remote start
Proximity sensor, for the thieves that wanna scope out your car (they cant even come close)
ALL kill switches and all that will be disclosed with buyer
Locking gas cap

The Bad:
small amount of rust
needs new paint, but looks absolutely fine, just a black front end
no wiper fluid dispensers
NO ac and no PS (its a 2200 lb. vehicle, doesn't really need it)
There are a few dings and scratches from being daily driven but that is expected, car is still fresher than 90% of hondas that I see on the road.

thank you for taking the time to read this, for more info call (732) 259-0135 or email me at coolgeo46@aol.com
best regards,