1994 Honda Accord Idle Surge?

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Ok. I have a 1994 Honda Accord F22 non-vtec. I have a problem at idle. Well the problem is that it does not idle. :( It revs up and down between 1000 and 2000 RPM and it will not stop. It does it all the time. I changed vaccum lines and checked sensors but i can not find the problem or fix it. If anyone knows how i can fix this please give me any advice. I would appreciate it very much.

ALSO: My car is 5 speed buy not v-tec but yet, at about 6000 RPMS it sound like it does have v-tec. Why is this? Is it just me or is there something i don't know? And in some cases, not all i have beaten v-tecs in races. Maybe I am just a good driver? Who knows? :blink: But i still want to know why it sounds like i have v-tec at 6000 RPMS?

Thanks Hugh!
Your not running larger exhaust piping or no cat are you?? I know that sometimes makes them idle rough! Other wise I thought there was like an idle control solnoid if u havent checked that yet! just some ideas!
If the Idle surges it is either the evac or the idle control valve. some times the evac can get debris in the valve that keeps it from closing when it needs to also if the coolant is low the car can surge at idle. These are all pretty common things that can cause idle surges. Hopefully this info helps