1995 Accord Vti-s Egnine prob with pics

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Can someone give me some idea what is this a 1990 F22B? Someone told me the engine has been swapped



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There are some problems comes out in recent months

When i running in 2nd gear with constant gas (4000rmp), the car was not accelerate good and sometime it will decelerate lol.
The worst problem is that i ALWAYS cannnot start the engine when its cold, no noise from the engine, but there is a little 'da' sound when i turn the key to 'start'
To start the engine i must turn the key to the 'start' and hold there for 1~5s. (5s lol!?yes) no noise from the engine in 5s, just a quite 5s then the engine start.


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check on the block near the tranny to see what the engine code is


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accord vti sould have vtec on the engine but i find that (as below) is F22B without vtec? but all the F22B (93~96) should have vtec on it so i am just thinking is that my engine is F22B (90) SOHC non vtec? i cant find any picture looks like my engine...so i ask here
sorry for my ignorant..