1996 Accord H23a Bluetop

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looks good. A small lowering would look nice.
Painted the wheels this past weekend!


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So upon further review I can say conclusively that a 97-01 power steering bracket from a 97-01 prelude fits the engine head, but does not fit with the Accord alternator/ac mounting bracket.

I can get 2/3 holes from the F22 Accord power steering bracket to line up with some shimming to the engine and cutting into the timing belt dust shield. Gotta figure out the best way to do this...
Suspension had a bad sag on one side so rather than replace with OEM struts I went ahead and bought a set of Truhart coilovers and a camber adjustment kit. Not going to drop her much, just a little bit & try to keep my numbers good.

While I'm in there I'm going to go ahead and do my inner and outer tie rods, and the rest of the ball joints
I really haven't taken a whole day to do a project like this, it's been fun. I got the clutch kit, flywheel, transmission installed and I'm on to the suspension. Unfortunately I won't have my inner tie rods so my toe adjustment is gonna have to wait
So I got everything in, the vehicle is running good besides a check engine light which I will have to investigate further.

My initial guesstimate at the ride height adjustment was wrong in the front end but right in the back so I'm going to take some measurements and try to level it out.

Bonus picture of how cool the pearl in the color looks when the sun hits it just right.


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Finally got the ride height situation figured out, along with the camber.

The springs were supposed to be preloaded, but alas it turns out they were not so I had to figure that out on my own and now it drives perfect. I'm so happy with it.


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This is definitely a "my generation" thing but I'm using the vehicle's Instagram page I made forever ago. If you use IG, a follow would be nice. @bluetop_cd5


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Had to replace the engine coolant temp sensor, VTEC pops again nice and strong.

I sold both my Preludes and my EG coupe to the same guy, I've made about 2500 so far selling old parts I'm never going to use.

So far I have a CL cluster on order, rear camber arms, and I'll be getting better motor mounts soon and I need a fuel pump soon-ish.

It's bittersweet to get rid of all this stuff but in all honesty it does feel kind of freeing. Going to reinvest in the Accord a little bit but probably not do anything crazy. I'm very happy with the vehicle still. My next vehicle will almost certainly be something RWD, thinking either Mustang GT, GTO, or maybe a G35. That's down the road though, kind of just enjoying life right now.
I am once again asking for your input.

I have a 500W Amp pushing two 10" 250W speakers, nothing crazy, but it gets the job done and i got it for mostly free out of a junk car. My single din radio is pretty old at this point (has Bluetooth for calling but not media lol) so I'm looking to replace and upgrade. I'd like something that has some tuning options for having a system (bass boost, EQs etc) as my current one is pretty bare bones. Any suggestions are welcome preferably in the 150$ and under range.

Additionally, my tachometer gets a little whacky above like 4000RPMs. I can still see generally where it is but it's very bouncy. My brother said it might be an instrument cluster thing (part of why I did the CL swap) but I swapped the CL cluster in tonight and no change. I'm assuming it's in the distributor, but any specific thing I should be looking for?

Also here's a picture of the cluster. I'm very happy with it, it has subtle ways that look "classier" than the Accord cluster.

Thanks guys.


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I'm not sure what's up with the tachometer, but I just wanted to say that the car looks awesome! Makes me miss my old 94 EX sedan.

Have you thought about doing anything with the headlights? A projector retrofit might look nice.
So something pretty crazy happened. The youtuber ThatDudeInBlue reviewed the Accord! He was in FL filming a little while ago and put it out on social media that he had some openings so I volunteered the Accord and he chose it!