1996 honda accord swap need help!!!!!

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Ok this is my problem i have a 1996 Honda accord lx with a f22b2(non v-tec) 5 speed i crashed and my friend has a 1996 Honda accord ex automatic f22b1 (v-tec) i have gotten the engine from my car the f22b2 and tranny the 5 speed in to the shell of the ex i need it to run now. i swapped the engine bay wiring harness but i am not sure what else i have to do anyone have any ideas?
put your ecu on it and you will be good to go. the car would probably run with the vtec ecu but might as well just run the right ecu.
wait your saying you using the non-vtec when you have a v-tec you can use you know you can put the b2 tranny onthe b1 motor right????
Yeah that was a 15hp downgrade, but whatever haha. Assuming you switched everything properly all you have to do is swap the ECU and you're good. The air intake is different, but other than that you're golden. You will have a loose plug for the VTEC solenoid that won't have anything to plug into, just use electrical tape and tape it to the harness (don't cut it off, you never know what the future holds).