1998 gsr wont idle cold

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i have a 98 gsr with pistons rods cams the usual. its been gettin cold around here around 30's and when i go to start it cold it will not idle i have to keep my foot on the gas for about ten minutes. if i try to drive and let my foot of the gas it dies. if i take my foot of the gas too soon it dies it just will not idle on its own cold. has anyone ever had this problem and if so could you help its a pain in the ass gettin up for work and having to leave early just so i can actually drive.
Fuel pressure okay? ECU chipped? I know my 93 gsr has a chipped p28 and there is no wuim (warm up idle map)
Not my doing but garage ftw.
i have fuel pressure at 55 lbs and it is a chipped ecu i know i need to get s300 and get it tuned but tryin to see if i can fix it temporarily till i get hondata
is that 55lbs from the fuel pump all the way to the fuel rail?
You should be somewhere around 37-45 at the fuel rail with 0(zero) vacuum. Check that. That could be causing too much fuel to be dropped which means incomplete burn which means lumpy idle.
I have a chipped p28 and it has no warm up idle. If I leave my car out over night and its like 30< then it won't stay running unless I give it gas lol. So I don't leave her out. Unfortunately not everyone has that luxury, so with a chipped ecu such as your s300 you're going to want to plug a stock map (as close to your setup as possible if necessary) in when you go to bed at night if the lil girl sleeps outside.

Drop your fuel pressure and then find out what that shit is flashed with if you can.
I have a p72 that I might be selling. But... I don't know I need to get my compression worked out and get an eprom burner and then figure out if I can fix this damn p28 and THEN if I can I will probably sell it but I will keep you in mind.

Any other mods on the car aside from I/H/E?
i have it set at 55 without vacuum cuz i need to get some bigger injectors the motor is fully built rods pistons cams valvetrain all that and i bumped up the fuel pressure till i get injectors 310 or so but for now it makes power where its at the reason i need s300 is it is fuly built but i still would like to have it idle on its own cold but its not working to well im hoping i can fix all my problems with bigger injectors and s300 and a tune but well see
you probably have it too high I had min at 50psi and it is fully built (see "Bad Build?" for info) and my idle problem is because i have a chipped ecu. Not sure what fuckin map is on it but there is no warm up idle. did you do the typical fitv and iacv cleaning? if so is your ecu chipped? try backing the fuel pressure down to 50 or 45 and see if that helps im tellin you. You might lean out a bit but shouldn't be overly bad.
i cleaned my iac map ait tb i looked for the fitv but it doesnt look like the typical setup i cant figure out how to take it off i dont see the little plate witht the screws. i changed the ecu from my friends car which is also a chipped p28 and it does the 1500 rpm warm up on his car but on my car it did the same damn thing. im gunna try the fuel pressure idea and hope it works cuz its a pain keepin my foot on the gas for 10 min until the combustion chamber is warm enough to help the spark. i think im also guna get msd coil cap and rotor i mean whats the worst that could happen spend 300 bucks or so and burn off more of my fuel so ill probably give that a shot also. thanks for the input