2.2l acura motor in a civic or prelude?

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I wanna be sedated
Ok here's one:the 2.2l 24 valve engine in a Acura/Honda legend,anyone ever heard of this swap into a civic,if so what are the issues?Is it RWD?I'm pretty sure it is a v6 too.If it is FWD,ya think it could be crammed into a 'lude?
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Dec 27 2002, 11:01 AM
Can I put a rocket engine in my Mini?

someone put a rocket boost engine in an old pickup. He ended up some 200 ft of the ground imbedded in a rocky cliff. I bet is 1/4 mile was hellashish though...
Not sure if this is the same story, but a guy who got a couple of JATO (Jet-Assisted TakeOff) bottles from an old Army Surplus auction rigged a whole setup to a train car and it ended up in a mountain (sans driver). I'll try to dig up the story.