2000 Honda Civic B18B Boosted Swap

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New Member
Ok I got a loaded question here. I have a b18b1 block and head out of a 2000 integra. I'm wanting to build it for at least 400whp. I'm was running it stock with a turbo at 10psi boost. Don't get me wrong it was fun to drive. But of course I want a little more power. I was getting 250whp to 275whp with that setup. I'm asking for suggestions on what I can do to make a reliable 350 to 400hp motor with the engine I got. I'm running a .48 A/R dual ball bearing turbo and 550cc injectors with a AEM fuel rail and regulator.
Probably the best path is rods/pistons and a b16 head swap with some upgraded springs/retainers. the .48 trim might be a bit on the small side for that power level too... after around 350, that's going to blow in a LOT of extra heat.
550cc's probably won't cut it either. 850s are probably ball park.