2024 VW GTI 380 S

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That’s how you get ants
Watcha think?

Insurance didn’t get the stamp in time for the dealer, so I will pick it up Monday morning on my way to work.
that is fancy! the bar that comes with the jetta fits in the holes and i have used an extension from time to time.
so i have nearly 500 miles on the car now and the multitude of stuff available continues to tickle my pickle.

door handles all have lights, puddle lamps under the mirrors, andthe headlamps follow the steering wheel. this is super cool! backup camera has standard view and fisheye view which is very helpful for backing into spots. all the exterior lights are very bright.

the heated seat and wheel are not just configurable for how fast you want to get burnt up, but you can have them turn on when you start the car cold. the items are warm before i even get to the bottom of the condo driveway. i havent had to adjust the cabin temp above 70 at all. i am not really missing the remote start from the veloster.

the entire interior led set from the gauge cluster to all four door panels and footwells are configurable in any light combination in 3 separate zones. the cluster has all sorts of different displays as well as a lap timer. the amount of washer fluid spray is configurable both front and back. a few different drive mode and nanny settings are available and don't seem to be very restrictive at all on the low side. the adjustable suspension settings are very noticeable. in comfort it rides a little stiffer than the jetta. in sport it is really stiff. the haptic touch buttons for the wheel, light panel on the left and mode selections on the right havent been an issue to use.

lane assist and adaptive cruise are pretty neat. when you shift with ACC on, no need to reactivate it and it blips the throttle for you.
hill assist works great, lots of folks complain about it but i dont have an issue, it feels the same as our jetta.

so much power even down low. i havent been beating it really but when you crank up the turbo there is zero torque steer. i tried to have some fun with an FRS but it didnt seem much fun for him.

only real cons so far, the foglamps have to be turned on when the lights are on and the push button parking brake. i miss having a ratchet handle a bit. carplay doesnt work with my phone but works great with kristens (both iphone 12). i also have a passthrough battery case so i'm not sure if that is it.
usually carplay/android auto doesn't work over bluetooth, needs to be plugged in.
yes of course it was plugged in, but to the battery case. i am a few updates behind so i should take care of that anyways. i am going to pull my phone out of the case to try if not. i know i can backup and sync to itunes with the passthrough case on so i'm not sure why it wouldnt work in the car. it does charge.
OK so i've confirmed that it is just my phone not working on the carplay, but it is also the only one connected via bluetooth which works perfectly, lol
im nearly 2 weeks into ownership, i love the car but i am not in love with it like i was the veloster turbo. that car was really special. i do miss it.
got a chance for a code white today! the car performs well enough in the snow. the traction control does a decent job, and you can feel when the diff kicks in. the diff does not seem to do anything unless its in sport mode or custom. when TC is activated you can hear individual braking corners doing their thing. if the car detects any understeer while turning the wheel and throttle is on it grabs the appropriate rear wheel to add a little rotation.

the abs/tc thing is weird, its not a grindy groan like i am used to in most other cars it sounds more like a finely tuned loud drill, or air impact gun. little precise actuation of the brake calipers.

front sensors don't like to be covered in snow but the lane departure stuff works decent even if it cant see the road.

havent gotten it out of sorts yet, usually the shippers parking lot at work isn't plowed well but today it was.