2nd gear mystery scratch?

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Ok, so last night I was driving my 91 accord, and out of no where 2nd gear starts scratching. "well oh fuck, synchronizer are going out.time to use that spare tranny." But this morning when I go to drive down to the store, no scratch. Im kinda puzzled about this. Maybe the synchronizer lined back up and is doing fine again? Idk. Im not seriously worried about being a I have a spare laying around and sooner or later I have to pull the tranny to replace a spun rod bearinged crank. but still... curiousity ask, what could cause this mystery of a scratch?
I just did a pull on the engine and tranny about a month ago. Put 200 something miles on the car since the swap. When I did the pull, I changed the trans fluid once it was back in being I had the car on the lift and the chance. I think the fluid type could be the effect though, I used 80w gear oil, which is what I use on all my honda trannys and never have a problem.