2nd gen teg. non- vtec 1.8?

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What all is involved in putting the 1.8L non vtec DOHC engine in a fourth gen hatch. It's out of a 2nd gen integra 4dr sedan, 1990 model, I meant to look for the engine code but I forgot. Anyway my grandad has the car and I might be able to get it for free, I just wondered if anyone knew anything about it, makes 130 hp and looks exactly like the ZC. I just need some info.


Mount kit or some hacking to the ribs under your hood axle,shift linkage,ecu,and of course motor and tranny.Being the same obd it should plug right in.
fuck that, i can make my own shift linkage and mounts, thanks for the info though, if I get the engine I get the whole car so I'll have the ecu.