3 Angle Valve Job

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Senior Member
I am thinking about getting a 3 angle valve job on my b18b what kind of power gains can I expect?
Also was thinking about getting head reserfaced, any suggestions on how far it should be milled?

Really it depends on who does the work and if they know what they are doing.Most shops have a style all their own,and to say you'll get XX hp gains would be a lie.
Depends on what they are doing.If they are just port matching your intake and exhaust,no I don't think it is.If they are doing a full on three angle like you said,and cleaning it all up as they go and if they are reputable and know thier stuff than sure.
gains from a valve job will give you a better valve seat which = more compression which theoretically = more HP but nothing major. You should have decent gains from a port and polish though.