3g civic ecu swap problems

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went to the salvage yard today and got 2 teg ecu's one from a 86 and the other from 87. installed them in a 86 civic si...everything ran fine until it was tach'd out past 5k, then the pgm light came on...never came on with stock ecu...the tegs ecu flashed its led 8 times...any ideas?
actualy...I went to Barnes and Noble...look up in a acura service manual and found a flash 8 code to be the TDC sensor...well upon inspection of the distributor my friend and I think it to be a combination of things....since the fuel injection is based upon piston position and timing we are going to put a timing light on it and replace the vacum lines to the advance dashpot...the ones on it a in real bad shape...I'm doin this because we never got the ecu code on the stock ecu....since the honda ecu is programed for economy first and this not being the original motor..me thinks the timing could be off a few degrees....since vacum is gone by 5300rpms makes sense that there is no advance when the teg's ecu calls for it...no advance no extra fuel?...trying to troubleshoot it before going out and buying crap he doesn't need!...