4G4Dr suspension swaps?

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I own a 1990 Honda Civic DX Sedan (I have a D16A6 sitting in the garage for it just buiding it up before it gets dropped in.). This car feels really loose when cornering and in general driving conditions. I wanted to beef it up a bit before the swap on a budget but I am not really sure where i can go with it. Will the hatch or CRX front sway bar fit it? I know it doen't have a rear, I have heard rumors about being able to swap (some year) Integra Rear parts to allow you to use a Integra rear sway bar. Also the rear rotors obviously i have heard about. Any other ideas that would be good.

For a daily driver would you recommend KYB struts or would you go with something else? I am considering Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs so i won't be a extreme drop. I am also going with 15" rims so they won't be too big either.

Basicly I want to stiffen the car up so it's more enjoyable to drive rather than feeling like you are driving on a dirt road on the interstate. I am in process of replacing the tie rods and ball joints as well as the front axles (dont ever buy refurbished axels i have had lots of bad experience with thie car)

Would the Prothane or Energy Suspension kits help me out any i know alot of my bushings are wearing a little thin and I am going to probably need to replace alot of them. If not then should i at least get a poly trailing arm bushing?

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If you need to talk to me directly my im: DysturbedCRX
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Pro-Kits and KYB shocks will work great. Poly bushings are a good idea too, but they're a pain to put in. You're on the right track. :thumbsup:


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You can use the DA integra(90-93) rear swaybar. As far as i know, the swaybar is a bolt-on affair. there should be holes somewhere behind the rear end on the body. as for the endlinks, you will need integra lower control arms. Or you can drill bolt holes in your existing arms, I know a few have tried this. I actually have a rear sway and LCA's from a 1990 Integra (turns out they aren't compatible with 5th gen). I'll sell them to you for $30 plus shipping.


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I am definately intrested in the rear swaybar and lca's I tried to pm you last night but it didn't work for some reason. Ill try again in the morning.