5 Angle Valve And Pp On Ls?

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Hey all, my friend said he could hook me up with a 5 angle valve grind with a PP for 250 bucks Canadian or 150 US, is this a good deal. So far my LS only has intake and exhaust but will eventually i will be going all motor and hopefully hitting 13's. I dont know price's or whats needed on headwork to get a 13 second LS, if i do get the PP and 5 angle will i need new valves? or new guides? rings pistons? anything needed. Also I am looking for a Header, Cam, and Camgear. What make or price should i expect on these. I want a good Header ( DC or better) 4-2-1 Obviously, Ive also been looking at stage 1 Crower's but what else is good and what is the prices? also i know AEM cam gears are worthless, but what should i buy? unorthodox i hear? i'd like to keep pistions and most internals stock, b/c i aint that good with them. Cams,Cam Gears, I/H/E, and Headwork is all i really want. but if i get all this will i need to do internals? alot of questions here, any info will help. Thanks
before you shell out a bunch of cash on this head you should think about a vtec swap. the vtec swap will be expensive but if you put the same mods on a vtec and a non-vtec head, the vtec head would make worlds more power.

other than that you should look at crower valvetrain components, and you should think about bumping your compression with better pistons and possibly a crank girdle from z10 engineering.
Heya, check out my response on this thread:


Also, the 403's (stage 2 crowers) are safe on stock valvetrain components, just don't raise the redline without doing the valvetrain. Skunk 2 cam gears are good... anyway, my roomate is doing the same thing and he's in the mid 14's or so right now... He's a good guy to ask if you want some more info, I'm sure he can direct you to some useful stuff.

Hit me up later for his email addy, I can't remember it right now.

before you shell out a bunch of cash on this head you should think about a vtec swap. the vtec swap will be expensive but if you put the same mods on a vtec and a non-vtec head, the vtec head would make worlds more power.

dude not everyone has the money or the knowhow to install a vtec head, thats y i am looking to boost HP by making a better flowing head. If i knew how to make an LS/Vtec i would, but i dont. Is it a good deal for a 5angle and a PP, or is all that not worth it on a b18a. Also, about the stage 2 crowers has any1 actually done this? i heard it is bad for engine but Dan9IT says its ok, any1 know for sure whos right? thanks
Does your friend know what he is doing?I have a friend that will do it for the cost of the supplies,but I'm not letting him anywhere near my head with that thing till I see some results from some other guinea pigs.
Team integra and superhonda guys say that the crowers are fine UNLESS you raise the redline... then its no good. Also you will run rich, thats why you need an FPR and an S-AFC. Anyway, I know its safe (i think even crower says so) and my friend is a fanatic about making sure things are safe, he researched it for like 2 or 3 months before he bought it... like every day (weirdo).

Let me know if I can help

Hey I'm Dan91T's roommate. Yeah the 403's (Stage 2) will be fine with the stock redline, Crower themselves indeed said that you could get away with that, and there are lots of people doing this including myself, and it's all fine and dandy. The cams are great, and at $360 or so, a great deal. You WILL NEED the FPR AND S-AFC (or Hondata) though. Cam gears, I have Skunk2's that I got for $185 shipped, I like them because they are 6 bolt, but I wouldn't get silver again, too hard to read the markings.

Hey let me know if I can help. Just for reference, I have i/h/c/e, 403's, gears, Hondata IM gasket, FPR and S-AFC and am pushing roughly 150whp and 125-130wtq (I got 141whp and 124wtq a couple of mods ago...), with the powerband very full and smooth and the torque peak occurring at about 4300rpm. Much more midrange than a bolt-on GS-R.

$150 for the P&P is a great deal IF and ONLY IF he knows what he is doing, it is an easy thing to f@ck up, and then you'd need a new head.
Ya, the P/P will b done by a major shop so i believe its safe. Thanks all for your info, hopefully il B running in the 13's in the near future.