5 million Gmail emails and pws leaked

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Popular email services from Google was unable to avoid a repeat of putting some pretty impressive database with usernames and passwords, which recently happened to Yandex and Mail.ru .The network has a base with drawers addresses and passwords on accounts 4929090 gmail.com.The relevance of the base has not been verified, but reported more than 60% of valid pairs mail: password.

In comments to previous posts users reasonable notice that trade like databases is not news, and what they say here the noise raised.It is difficult not to agree, but then again, you can see by the comments that many users have found in these databases, their accounts, often with the current password, and then changed the passwords and began to pay more attention to the safety of their mailboxes.Therefore, I see no harm, and to highlight the emergence of this database freely available on the net.

Judging by the fact that there are bases on many services, messages from "Yandex" and Mail.ru are correct, and is not the result of leakage, and the consequences of phishing attacks, malicious actions, the use of weak passwords and other errors in safety when working with e-mail with part of the users themselves.It is therefore recommended as a preventive measure to change the passwords on your email inbox, even if it does not use the services yandex.mail, mail.ru or gmail.

Traditionally remind currently existing services to check your mail for the presence of bases.Surely they will soon be adding a base gmail addresses:


Check your gmail here: https://isleaked.com/en.php
Son of a bitch. I just got done change all of my passwords three days ago.
Changed them all to the same one?

Negative. I change all my important account passwords every couple of months. I am not worried about leaks like this its the shit that stays underground for 9 months that no one hears about until they get what they came for.

Am I the only one who doesn't trust putting my email into that website?

Create another email address or two for forums, giveaways, subscriptions etc. Also anyone who is using Gmail really needs to setup two factor authentication on their account. Use two factor on anything that you can.

As for the leaked file itself. From the bit of research I have done on it it looks like someone took a ton of separate email/password files and combined it in one big file. A lot of emails in the file are for gmail accounts that have the + modifier. Which you do not use to sign into Gmail itself. So it shows that at least some of the account info came from forums, tube sites, and dating websites.