86 crx si swap

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ok so heres the deal i am buying a 86 crx si for 150 complete. but i want to swap a dohc into it b18 most likely. possible b16. somethign but my question is bout how much am i go spend, waht all am i going to need fuel pump? ecu? mounts any chance i can use same ones. i know axles hubs shifter blah blah im sure there a few other posts of this somewhere but im not good at finding them

thnaks for your help
i think the 89 integra motors 1.6L DOHC bolt-in and plug right into the stock harness.
i might be wrong, but somone will correct if im wrong
i undrstand ther bolt in but i want a littl emore im really looking into a ls just wondering what all needs to be done with droping the ls in
mounts... a whole hella lot of wiring shift linkage i would say start ur search with hasport.com
shocked me too the crx is an si with mpfi. i know bout the mounts and linkage cuz i put an ls in a 89 hatch and i dd it all just not sure bout the 86 harness and stuff i have bout 4 ecus laying around and some other stuff for it just really mounts and the little stuff here and there. just wondering how much work im looking at
dude i would just keep it sweet and simple and throw a zc in it... that crx is so light so i mean the zc will do the damn thing
PIKS! 86 crxs are hardly ever used for anything other than jump ramp bases at dirt bike courses! lol
PIKS! 86 crxs are hardly ever used for anything other than jump ramp bases at dirt bike courses! lol

im sorry fucker what did you say?

a stock 1G CRX even today outhandles most modern sports cars and outsips even the newest hybrids. they are lightweight, sporty, and extremely fun to drive on the road and on a road coarse.

anyways. a B swap into a 1G is ALOT of work. you may be better off with a D15b or D16z6, but really the easiest/cheapest route is that browntop or the 1G integra motor. ZCs come in both SOHC and DOHC but the SOHC ones are uber rare.
hi i am verry new to toe motor swap things and i have a 1988 crx dx that im putting a B18A1 i and i need help on how or wat to do about rewireing the wireing harness for the multi point couse mine is dual point and is the 92 acura integra cv axels going to fit the crx or do i have to do somthing to make them fit? im completly lost....HELP