87 Teg

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My least favorite integra..... I bought an 89 at auction when I was 15. Mine was slammed, had rims, i/h/e, system. Slower than dirt and it was overall meh. I just remember being embarassed when my mom drove it to pick me up somewhere and I was like o m g, I can't have that for a first car.

Before I could even legally drive it, I traded that thing for a stolen/recovery 93 civic si. Having a 3 color rice burner wasn't exactly an upgrade....
its the worst integra and I didnt/dont need it butttttt sold the vette and it was soo cheap and they delivered it to my house I couldnt say no lol and its honestly the most complete honda ive ever had
What's that brass looking thing attached to a bracket on the firewall passenger side? unfamiliar with that.
lol looks like doing a head gasket, was fine idling hours literally and driving around neighborhood, no matter what I do I cannot get it to not overheat on long drives
I had a chance to buy a 87 Special Edition Teg from the original owner, still one of my "what if" moments. Looks great, I'm excited to see what comes of it.
I need to quit procrastinating and do the head gasket but im trying to get the title taken care of etc before going balls deep into it. If title ends up being no go im going to pull motor and crush it lol the dingleberry signed title in wrong place before got to me (seller signed buyer) soo im getting it amended BUT cant get ahold of the sellers to get notary amendment lol
Lol it literally cost $1600 for all 3 of those Hondas and actually the hatch isn't bad rlly and it's got Si interior and minty seats just the paints peeled bad