87 Teg

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scored this clapped out turd cutter with 150k miles for $400 today , runs drives great and will clean up good
still neglecting the 1979 civic and I started my own company Power Hogg Car Audio look me up on fb nerds

mf isnt even broken in





I'm going to make it nice and leave it all stock and make interior dope , slam it and wheels (I've got) . But leaving stock Brown top its 100% complete and even cruise control and believe it or not AC works but needs recharge or something is clogged it just cycles on/off and hoses get cold
Pretty much the same thing lolol

I'm in for the read on this one
for $400 delivered with a new battery I couldnt say no dude , I didnt even need it but my roomate bought that 90 DX with a d15b other day and I rode in it and was like I NEED A SHITTY HONDA TO BEAT ON NOW and found 3 pennys on heads up on friday and ended up with a shitty Integra, the Civic shed 2 gangster as fuck tears when it showed up
My least favorite integra..... I bought an 89 at auction when I was 15. Mine was slammed, had rims, i/h/e, system. Slower than dirt and it was overall meh. I just remember being embarassed when my mom drove it to pick me up somewhere and I was like o m g, I can't have that for a first car.

Before I could even legally drive it, I traded that thing for a stolen/recovery 93 civic si. Having a 3 color rice burner wasn't exactly an upgrade....