'89 240sx

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Had a post shortly ago about using a S14 block and S13 head (SR20DET), but decided to just use the crank of the S14, in the S13 and get new bearings and swap over the pistons and such. Been taking some pictures as I've been going, and we'll see if I get everything right in the end.

So far the car has::
SR20DET (Black Top)
Top mount turbo Headers
Frankenstein Turbo...Don't know much about it, but friend does, had him look at it, said it was better than stock...so w/e.
850cc injectors
Apexi Power FC with controller
Koyo radiator
ARP Head studs
Mahle Clevite Thrust washers, rod bearings and main bearings
Energy suspension Sway bar bushings, and end link bushings
Apexi 1.5mm metal head gasket
Spec Clutch and flywheel
Garage Tune suspension
OEM intake gasket
OEM exhaust gasket
Rocker arm stoppers
I'll add more later when I think of it.

Took off fenders, bumper, lights, etc before I got started...

Right now, the engine is apart, just got all the bearings today

Upside down...oh well...

Had the block decked and the head shaved...

The S14 Block that the crank will come out of

Engine out, on the stand


The light weight flywheel



Cams out

Tried cleaning up the pistons, but didn't do that much, better than no cleaning.


Transmission cleaning as well...kinda half assed it though...

All my parts and bolts...bagged and tagged.


The rod with the spun bearing...

S14 crank coming out...don't laugh at my horrible rigging.

S14 crank, bearings, caps, pistons, and stuff...

Bare S14 block

My energy suspension stuff...and my Tein whatchamacallits...

Almost had 3 wheels off the ground with one jack stand...

Found out I spun the bearing because I was losing oil from my return line on the turbo while I was drifting...shitty...but so far fun to rebuild...

Still going to order::

OEM water pump
OEM Thermostat
Timing chain tensioner gasket
OEM IACV gasket
Mahle/Clevite oil filter (For break in)
6Qt Royal Purple break-in oil
6Qt Royal purple 10-30 oil
Royal Purple Oil filter
Royal Purple75-90 gear oil

Need to pull off my diff and weld it up, then I should be done!
I'll post more pics when I'm done with the bearing install tomorrow. Should be fun...

The car before the bearing
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please don't weld your diff.

otherwise, good luck on the rebuild.

I wouldn't, but I don't have $800 to spend on a 2 way LSD. I might buy an extra diff for the times I take it out drifting, but I'm undecided. It's not like it's horrible to drive around with it welded as long as it's welded correctly.

Give me some pro's n cons lol. Or at least an explanation on why you think I shouldn't weld it.
Not trying to be a dick but have you ever thought about running a better oil and filter combo? Royal purple is over price garbage IMO. I would recommend running Amsoil fluids and filters myself.
before sabrina ruined our 240sx, we had the diff welded by a guy in NH. seemed to be just fine, except when taking really sharp turns the rear tires chirped.
Not trying to be a dick but have you ever thought about running a better oil and filter combo? Royal purple is over price garbage IMO. I would recommend running Amsoil fluids and filters myself.

Actually no, I haven't thought about other oils lol. I've heard of Amsoil, and I'll do a little research on comparing the 2 before I decide...Need to see if they have a break-in oil...Thanks for the recommendation.
before sabrina ruined our 240sx, we had the diff welded by a guy in NH. seemed to be just fine, except when taking really sharp turns the rear tires chirped.

Yeah. That and a little more tire wear is about the only bad I've heard about welding the diff. Just a little change in how I corner and drive in general...
i just run gas station dino oil. i don't really see the need for the expensive detergent oil. i would be running the same in my corolla if it didnt come with synthetic from the factory.
you can probably pick up a used take-out vicsous for like 100 bucks. no need to go crazy on a 2-way
The rules for buying oil are: 1. Don't buy the cheapest oil, and 2. Don't buy the most expensive oil...Anything in between will suffice...
Well...put the pistons back in tonight...but I fucked up...

I put the connecting rods in backwards, and snapped my oil squirters...fucking stupid mistake.

Pictures when I get out of the shower...I might just buy new, maybe bigger, squirters, or I'll just use the ones I have on the S14 block if they are the same...

God I feel like an idiot....Live and Learn...
That sucks bro...bet you won't do that again...
Here's the pics.

Crank back in

Main Cap prep


Main Caps set in place

Piston #4 going in

Oil squirter that is now broken...

All four on the ground...

Here's what full happened:

Put the first piston in, torqued the rod nuts, spun the crank around, heard a click...thought it was the piston rings "seating" themselves or what not...turned the engine over to put the other 3 pistons in, heard something sound like it fell...couldn't see anything on the ground, thought it was the tarp krinkling or something...continued on. Put the other pistons in, spun the crank all the way over, heard 3 more clicking sounds, turned the engine over and all 3 fell out and I noticed what I did...damn it.
Tomorrow...I shall start again.
J30 diff and 2 shims = 2 way LSD (acts like one anyway)

Got a quick...probably dumb question. I know that a 1.5 is active on acceleration, and partially on deceleration. 2-way, active on both. You can check for an open diff by jacking up the back end and spinning one tire and the other tire should spin backward right? What about if the other tire doesn't spin at all?
Got the old squirters out, and the S14 ones in.


Was able to leave the crank in, but had to remove all the pistons again, and re-install them the correct way this time...



Got the Timing chain, cover and guides back on. Also the oil pick up and baffle plate.

Oil pan was ready to go on...I put on the gasket maker, put it in place, but forgot I needed to put the rear main cover back on first. Took it back off and wiped off the sealant, almost all the way off...

Put the new rear main seal in and made that my stopping point because I didn't have any grease for it...

Get my Tax return on Wednesday and will order the rest of what I need, and will be able to get it all back together finally...Then I get to use my girls tax return to reg/ins and get a tune...The Power FC has a safe tune right now, but only at 8lbs of boost. I want to double the boost on the next tune. I should be happy for a while with 16...But we'll see what happens when I take it in...