89 civic 3dr best swap for the money

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I have a 89 civic 3 door with no intererior upgraded breaks susp, ect.
I need more hp... I do not know what motor to go with. I was thinking about a b16a. I want something that is easy to upgrade. And help finding the best place to purchase the motor and all needed parts for the swap. Also if someone has a overview of all parts needed and full instructions on wire ecu convesions.. My main use for this car is auto cross on the weekends but i need more hp to be compete in the class i m running in any help woold be greatly accepted
Tim Olson Tbonecincy@yahoo.com
Swapping your engine will probably move you into a different class... make sure you know what the rules allow for each class, then decide what you want to do. If you're prepared to get into SSM (I think that's the class), then a swap might be in the works for you.

What's your budget?
The mod i have done put me into m class or mod. so right now there is not a limit i have to worry about.. my car handles well but is lacking in power.
I am planning to buy the b 16 a 88 91 sir 1 I know i need a motor mount and swaping it at my shop will be no problem, but I do not have any reliable sources to tell me exactly what i have to do to change engine harness and cpu from my 1.5 dx to the new motor

so I'm in need of all the wire info for this task and I want to make sure that this swap goes quickly and smoothly

so i am beging for all the info i can get

I also seen where they had a y1, s1 ,j1 cable trany whats the difference on these and a lsd trany for an upgrade what makes it better?
u might want to look into getting a b18a1 from an integra 90-91 which should be OBD0 same as ur civic. The b18a is the swap i'm doing right now...just finishing up building up the motor and then i should be ready to put it in my 90 si....but i think u should go with the b18a because they are soo easy to find and are a lot cheaper then any of b16's that i found...i picked up my b18a for free....well..actually i got a 91 integra for free and just used the motor tranny and ecu and got rid of the rest of the car.....i even drove the car home...the b18a's even came with a cable tranny...another bonus!..look around....good luck

I don't think we have an article for swapping a B16 into a 4th generation Civic on this site, but if not- we're in the process of getting a good one here. Try looking to HASport for engine mounts as well as rough wiring instructions. Hybrid Garage has good swapping and wiring information. You'll need to convert from DPFI to MPFI, (if you don't have an Si) then add wires for VTEC. The ECU should match your distributor.

The different transmission codes only stand for what chassis the transmission was mounted in- it doesn't necessarily identify the actual transmission type or gear ratios. You need the cable transmission (cable actuated clutch) for your chassis, or you can use one of the newer hydraulic actuated clutch transmissions (92-01 Civic/Integra) and add all the hydraulic components yourself (not recommended). For the shortest gear ratios, stick to the JDM Integra XSi/RSi transmissions.

To see if you have a factory LSD, look through the transmission where the axles mount... if you can see all the way through the transmission, then it has an LSD. If there's something blocking the hole, there is no LSD.


The first generation B16As are available with cable transmissions, and really aren't that much more expensive than the B18As. They usually come with tighter ratio transmissions, and are more rev happy- so they'd be better suited to autocross applications. If he gets the B18A, the gears will be too tall for autocross- but they'll be nice for in-town cruising.
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