'89 Civic DX HB questions

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Wow, I never knew there were so many different engines. I am looking at a pretty clean DX hatchback with a bad 1.5 engine and a 4 speed. I have access to a '90 Accord EX with a bad automatic transmission. First question, Is this engine swap even do-able? If so, what will need to be changed? I would like to swap a 5 speed at the same time if the engine will work out. With the engine, will I need to swap harnesses, computer? This is all new to me so any help appreciated. Thanks.
that engine mounts the same as the H22, so yes it can be swapped. but for the money... and time (this is a complicated swap) you'd be better off swapping anything else. better yet, find an old D16 to replace that one with, you can easily pick one up for $200 or less. if you're really set on swapping in that F22, just know you'll spend more than you would swapping an H22 because of the auto conversion, and make a LOT less power.

F22A4 2.2 16V SOHC PGM-FI 2156 130hp@5200rpm 140tq@4000rpm '90-'91
Accord EX (USA)

D16Z6 1.6 16V SOHC VTEC PGM-FI 1590 125hp@6600rpm 106tq@5200rpm '92 - '95 Civic EX/Si (USA)
'93-'95 Del Sol Si (USA)

To get nearly the same power as a d16z6 and forfeit the vtec, it's not worth the hassle to install that F22. I'd go with a d-series IMO.
I was just looking at what I had available. I was hoping to snag the Accord engine and use as much from the Accord to dress up the Civic a little bit (wheels, seats). I just wanted a nice clean little car to scoot around town in and not too concerned about power but would like an easy swap. It looks like I will just try to find an exact replacement for what is in the HB. Is there a list of the engine codes and what cars they came in somewhere and to go one step further, how they interchange?
First off, get rid of the 4 speed tranny if you want to "scoot" around town as you say. Second any D-series engine will bolt up in your car. Most without modification. 3rd If you want to get the most out of you standard hatch it would be best if you switch from DPFI to MPFI.