89 crx jdm d15b hunting idle help please

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New Member
I swapped a d15b into my 89 crx dx, converted to obd1. Im having problems with the car bouncing or surging idle, from 1200-1600 rpm. I took the FITV apart, cleaned and tighten. I also cleaned IACV, then replaced with another. Bleed coolant system a million times now. I plug the hole inside the TB and no difference, i unhook the IACV and still no difference, now it will idle at 800 steady rpm fine, you give it a very little throttle and it starts surging, all vacuum lines are fine, checked with carb and choke cleaner, same with Tb and Im gaskets. I hardwired IACV to ecu, A9, blk/blu wire, and grounded the yell/blk. Ive fixed several cars with this problem before but this has got me. Seems like the IACV wiring is not right, but its not hard wiring a 2 wire plug.. any ideas?
just a code for auto trans, which its obv a auto p28. it surges all the time, when cold and warm. Cant a FITV go bad? I cleaned mine and tightened the adj screw inside it, or whatever it may be..
when i first put in my p28 auto, it surged like a mofo.
converted ecu to manual, all better.