89 D16 Into 87 Crx Si

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Senior Member
i am very new to the import scene but this seems like a great place to get involved.
i need help in getting a step by step instuctions on swaping a 86-89 integra engine into a 87 crx si.
it would also help if anyone could get me a magizine orr a article in SCC on the subject b/c everyone i come in contact tells me to look there.but i can never find the article on the web or anywhere.
so if anyone can give me any info on this swap or give me a place/site so i can find it i would greatly apprciate it.
I have that issue. Man if you want I can scan it an e-mail to you. If you want, E-mail me. You may have to what a week or so for me to go to my parent home to finnd it though. Let me know!
Okay im bad at this. I have a crappy connection so I will be putty the page out on fri or sat. I also got a few wants for this so i'm putting them on a web page, i will post the address