89 HF to get a B20B or B20Z

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Good Day all
Im going to swap my HF D15 to another torque style set up but with more torque :) Im cosidering either the B20B or B20Z. I would be quick to choose the z due to its higher compression and HP but I plan to at some point add a Vtec head so my question is this.... If I add a B18Vtec or B16 Vtec head will I have too much compression for a daily driver? If anyone knows the CRatio numbers for the farious choices possible please let me know. Also does the low rise B20B Intake Manifold fit under the hood of 2nd gen CRX? Thx all
If you are going to do the CRVtec, it's a toss up. Either one will do it. Neither require anything different to do the swap. If you can get the Z for the same price as the B, do it up.

As for the IM, use the one off the B16 or the B18. The B20 IM won't clear the hoods on the EF chassis.

Hope that helped.