89 Si hatchback w/ dead engine :(

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Hey all... I just bought a 89' civic hatchback Si and the engine went out about a week ago. I've been researching a bit and the 2 best swaps i have found are the B16A and the ZC (right?). welp, i need it fixed within the next few weeks cuz i'm currently carless and i've only got 1200 bucks saved. So i would think the B16A is out of the question. So is 1200 bucks going to be enough for the ZC? I cant find one locally so i could prolly pick one up on the net for around 900 w/ shipping. A couple on Ebay say they come with the transmission, intake manifold, and "everything needed to swap and go". I know a guy that says he could install it in for 300 bucks. so thats 1200 total, does that sound about right? or do i need more money. I've also heard that its a good idea to slap on all new belts and seals, and a new clutch if possible. does anyone know where i can get new belts and seals for cheap? i'm really tight on cash and i need a running car. hehe, thanx for all the help, sorry, i dont know much about this shiznat. help me out :)

(i fixed it for you)
In your situation I'd start at stripyards.Looking in tegs for a b18a1.You should be able to locate one with relative ease and the swap is no big deal you'll need to buy some mounts from hasport or another producer.The good thing about the stripyard is A)you will be able to inspect it before you buy it B)if it hasn't been to missed with it will have the whole swap C)generally cheaper and no shipping cost.
You can get a ZC for cheaper than that. Check out www.thepartstrader.com there are always ZCs for sale there, and I'm sure you can get one within a 100 mile radius and you don't have to worry about shipping. I got mine for 595 with cams and a ported head, 10k off of a rebuild. You don't need a transmission; in fact, you WANT to keep the Si tranny because in gears 1-3 it has a final ratio closer than that of the ZC, while allowing for a smooth cruise on the freeway.

There is no way he can get a B-series in for $1200 installed. The engine and tranny alone will probably cost that in a junkyard, not to mention axles, a new linkage, the ECU, and $500 mounts. Expect a $2000-$3000 pricetag for an installed B-series.