90-93 Teg parts for sell *CHEAP*

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Hey I have lots of parts I need to get rid of please make offers on the below. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio and and willing to make SOME delivery arrangements.

2 - rear hatches with glass and wipers etc one with stock wing
4 - doors(coupe)(one set in primer other set is black)2 pair pwr windows ...no pwr locks - handles and keys incl
90-91 black front bumper
2 - 90-91 black rear bumpers
everything basically from doors back on a 90 black teg inside and out
dashes etc
pair of stock headlights
one stock hood half primer
1 black drivers fender
sunroof glass
all glass is available
dry NOS kit

I have pretty much everything for a few Tegs so let me know.
I am willing to take any kind of reasonable offers.
call my cell if you want
Joe (513) 604-4541
also have some 98-01 accord parts LET ME KNOW
stock air box
stock headlights - 500 miles
stock exhaust(4cyl) - 500 miles
stock exhaust manifold & down pipe
stock springs

taking ALL REASONABLE offers


or pm me
I need all three axle shafts. Passenger side, midshaft, and driver side, along with the 3 special bolts for the midshaft.

Shoot a price at me, I've been looking around for a pretty good deal.
how much you want for the e-brake cables??? i need them from a 2 door 90-93 teg...the 4 door ones are too long...i've been quoted $40 shipped for both, so if you could beat that...i'll take'em
Do you not respond? I asked about a distributor, so please give me a price shipped to 64015...