90-93 TEG shocks, and more, 91CRX

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i bought these shocks for my teg, it got totaled so i never installed them...i installed them on the rex but they dont fit

the are the monroe ones from discount...lifetime waranty (non transferable).....any way....they are painted hightemp red.....and have 25-50 miles on them...

90-93 iintegra monroe shocks and struts
$90 obo shipped for all 4

90 teg cluster.....$40 obo shipped

bseries obx turbo manifol...$140 obo shipped never installed

2 bare ls heads cams and valvetrain included... one has been hot tanked but needs to be shaved(might be damaged) the other one is dirty but came off for lsv $50 obo for both

also my rex is for sale see this thread

i am willing to trade

looking for N/A valvetrain/cams


EDIT: lowered price of struts
Originally posted by formby@Aug 4 2005, 07:01 PM
some one needs this stuff..

.i also have a PR4 odb0 ecu....$50 shipped
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I might be interested in the ECU when I sell my car. If it's not bought, I'll keep you posted on it.