BC Racing BR Type Coilovers - Mazda 5 (Review and Install)

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I've been in touch with Mac for over a year now. He's one of the very few that has significantly modded a 5 under the skin.
Not sure if you still have it, but you need to do this
I would if the 5 was my primary car. I already have my truck and the S2000, so I doubt I'll ever turbo the 5... maybe I/H/E one day. We'll see. I was actually thinking of grabbing a shell and converting it to RWD. There's enough room.
doesnt say anything about the ems used?
He has a flashable setup from a tuner in New Braunfels close my in-laws' place. There's a lot of drama surrounding that company... at one point I was on the hook to leave the 5 with them for a week to hack the ECU and develop a tuning solution for the 1st gen 5 (Mac has the 2nd gen), but so far it's taken several months and multiple trips with a guy down in San Antonio. I'm glad I didn't leave the car with them.
I don't know if he's done? Said he had a dedicated tuner in regards to boost at idle.
That's freaking so awesome.
The physical install is done, the tuning is not. The next time I'm in his neck of the woods I'll be checking it out.