CT 90 civic shell....best OFFER!!!!

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
Located in Meriden, CT.

High Mile 1990 Civic Hatch Rolling shell. Nothing but seats, a moldy carpet, the brakes, the steering, and some cheap ebay coil-overs (PROPERLY INSTALLED) on dead struts, with some decent wheels and tires. Front windshield is junk, but the rest of the glass is decent. Body is good, very little rust for the age and miles.

Just a roller. Perfect for a decent race car shell... bring a trailer.

Best offer...

If no offers, then I'll have a sawz-all party to cut it up to snatch the decent sheet metal for my other projects next week-end. Beer and band-aids will be provided. The winter blue's stress relief will be fun.
If you guys can snag it this week by friday, I'll take pics...otherwise..I'm calling a junk yard...the wife wants it off the driveway yesterday..
the best offer was $0.00....and it's gone.

mod's can lock the thread now if they want.
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