90 crx si speed cable question

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Junior Member
my speed cable is cut in my 90 crx si with a b16a motor in it. first, where do i get a speed cable??? cant find them anywhere!!! and i assume i have to get a CRX speed cable. any help would be great thanks fellas!!:eek:
junk yard or the dealership and i think they are like 50 bucks, i beleive you are going to need a b series cable i think a 90-93 integra ls cable is what you need but not 100% on that thou, i have to order one for my swap as well i pulled the end off the cluster side when removing the motor.
yea thats exactly what i did lol.. how can i be sure which one to buy? i dont mind paying i just dont want to buy the wrong shit.
yeah i don't know if this is just me but the speedo cable from my crx dx works on the b16 S1 tranny so.....BTW i have a crx Si speedo cable too 30 bucks shipped, GL.