91 Crx Si No RUST gsr

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Randy crom

New Member
F/s or f/t
Looking to trade or sale only want b swaps or d series turbo cars
Over 5000 in parts and labor
91 Crx Si
B16a2 block
B18c1 head
Gsr trans
Cable to hydro conversion
Stage 3 clutch
9lb flywheel
Pic suspension
2on full exhaust
D.C. Sport header
Aftrmkt fuel rail
Pressure regulator
Shaved bay
Wire tucked bay
Black exterior
Bay is pearl purple with metallic flake
Interior stock pretty much car is flawless
Sure I'm forgetting something
Have more pics also

Cons: car was sold to me by previous owners and never said it had a bad crank they spun a bearing and replaced it and parked it. They ended up selling it to me and I made it to Omaha and it started knocking will RUN but wouldn't advise it. I know what the car would be worth with new block so please don't lowball me.car will need trailered
Text me 4028893369
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