NY FS: 91 CRX Si LS Vtec Turbo

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91 CRX Si in New York asking $2500

My old user name was inspecta83, but had to create a new one since I havent been on the site since 2005. You can take a look at the many posts I put up during the build many years ago. Car served me well, had lots of fun. 20150704_144122.jpg 20150704_144416.jpg 20150704_144438.jpg 20150704_144218.jpg 20150704_144349.jpg

LS Vtec, Garrett t3/t4 turbo, FMIC, Tial wastegate, RC injectors, Eagle rods, JE Pistons, Edelbrock intake manifold, Driveshaft shop axles, ferrea valve train, Golden Eagle block guard, Walbro HP fuel pump, Hondata, etc, etc
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That car looks like a rip-roaring good time.
ok, ive been a bit picky with the offers, but now im motivated to move this thing....bump
this is a steal. some one buy this. 2 grand? you can't even buy a crx si for that! get a built bseries turbo free!