'91 Prelude 2.0si

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I own a '91 Prelude 2.0si, and would like to swap something in it. I've heard of the b20/V-tec, a JDM B20, B16, and H22. Which one of these swaps involves the least amount of effort and money. This car is very rarely made fast, so I'm not going to sell it, I'm going to Pimp it. Please, any help would be great.
well i have heard there is not much you can do with the older preludes, besides a turbo kit...but i am currious to know why an h22 cannot be mounted in there, like with custom mounts. Then i guess you will have the axel issue too. I was talking with my dad who welds shit together all the time, and is a contractor and has worked with cars and motorcycles forever, and he kept saying that to pay 400-500 bucks for motor mounts is a rip-off and that mounts can be so easily and cheaply constructed. With the same if not better quality as the 400-500 dollar mounts.
So if you want to drop i motor in your car i would say researrch it, and see what it would take to get an H22 in there. The b16 and B20 i think would be hard to get in there but you never know.
Good Luck...
well, dont go b20 or b16 ( b16 is stupid) b20 is like the same as what u have with a lower redline ( better quality engine tho) and b16 has no torque for ur application. i dont know if h22a will fit but its the only swap worthwhile, but get rid of ur stock engine. its a POS.