92-95 Civic (& del Sol?) springs, struts, parts

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I've got an un-used set of Neuspeed Sport Springs, which lower 1.8" front and 1.6" rear. These are new in the box, never used. Let's make a deal.

Also, I have the stock springs from my Civic, with about 180K miles on them, for sale.

And.... last but not least, a used set of rear struts for a Civic. These are pep boys cheapos, which I will no longer have any use for, since putting on my Konis.

Thanks! LMK

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Originally posted by EGLSHB@Dec 31 2002, 02:37 PM
how much for the Neuspeed's?........i need some springs badly...

i'm trying to get close to what i originally paid, when i got a whole lot of Neuspeed stuff for myself and some friends. The order came from shox.com, and I paid $179.99 plus shipping for them (listed for $239.99 retail at the time). Now I've been sitting on them until I could settle on keeping my coilovers. They have never been opened, never been used. Just sitting under my desk making a nice footrest. I have no idea what shipping would cost on these things, but you can imagine.

Make me an offer in e-mail or on AIM.